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Community Education Program Coordinator
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Director Of Educational Services and Preschool
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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Nadaburg Unified School District community education program.  Our community education department is responsible for our preschool programs and before/after school programs.  We are proud of the programs we have to offer our community that are of high quality.

Both of our preschool programs participate in Quality First.  Through support programs, rigorous evaluations, and monitoring, you can be assured we have one of the best preschool programs in the area.  We have a limited number of scholarships available through the First Things First program and an Early Head Start partnership for 1- and 2- year-old children with the Maricopa County office.

Our before and after-school programs have signed the pledge to provide quality programming in our before and after school programs.  We have implemented the Arizona Afterschool Center for Excellence quality standards.

We look forward to serving you and your family with your community education needs. It is our goal to provide quality care within a learning environment. If you feel we fall short of that goal, I urge you to reach out to me at 623-388-2120 or the site director.  




Holly Diaz, M.Ed.

Director of Educational Services and Preschool

Community Education Enrollment

Note:  Even though you may have completed these forms for the school they are still required to be completed for our community education programs.

Enrollment Process

The process to enroll students may take up to three days.  Students will not be able to attend their enrolled program until they have been notified their registration is completed.  All forms, documents, and payments must be received in order to begin a program

All of our preschool programs are based on the philosophy that children learn by playing and doing with intentional interactions and questioning by their teachers.  Our program procedures and practices are built around the standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). 

Community Preschool

Our community preschool is available at both of our schools.  Community preschool is offered during the normal school day where students learn in an exciting safe environment.  Our fees for the community preschool program are budget-friendly, and when compared to other traditional preschool programs very reasonable.  Nadaburg is a DES contractor, and thus accepts DES subsidies.

First Things First/Quality First

We currently offer First Things First scholarships at both Nadaburg and Desert Oasis Elementary.  Families must qualify for scholarships financially.  Scholarships are issued by the school and applications can be found on our community education enrollment page.  Scholarships cover the cost of 100% of the tuition.  Desert Oasis Elementary was recently accepted into the Quality First program, and we anticipate being eligible for scholarships beginning sometime in the spring.

Early Head Start

Nadaburg was awarded a grant through the Maricopa County Department of Health and Human Services to operate two early head start classrooms.  Early Head Start is for children ages 1-3 years.  Families must qualify and enroll through Catholic Social Services.  The Early Head Start Community Partnership program is for working families or those pursuing an education.  There is no cost for Early Head Start families to attend preschool.

Rates & Fees

2020-2021 Community Education Program Rates

ProgramTuition RatesScholarships available



$1000.00/ Month

Early Head Start

Must Qualify w/ Early Head Start

Preschool$498.00/ Month

First Things First (FTF)

Must financially qualify



Extended Day

$165.00/ Month (Monday-Thursday)

FTF with parent copays


Extended Day- (Fridays)

$121.00 / Month (Fridays Additional) 

Before & After Program Kinder- 6th Grade or the age of 13 yrs. old whichever comes first. 

ASSETs (Before/ After Care)Monday-Thursday
 $99.00/ Month$90.00/ Month

Registration fee

Registration Fee

Before May 26

May 27 or After




Other Fees and Discounts


Camp Programs:

Daily Rate (1 day of Camp)        $30 per a day

Weekly Rate                               $125

Summer School & Camp           Requires $25 non-refundable deposit

                                                 Families who receive a 100% scholarship will pay the $25 as tuition

Other Fees:

Late pick-up fee.  The first thirty (30) minutes is $1 per minute, 31 minutes, and after $2 per minute.  The Director of Educational Services may waive up to one late fee pick-up if the circumstances are deemed an emergency or unavoidable, and there is no history of prior late pickups.

Late Payment Fee.  Any late payments after the tenth of the month, $15.  The Director of Educational Services may waive up to one late payment if extraordinary circumstances exist.

Returned Item Fee.  Any payments returned from a financial institute, $25 plus any applicable late fees.  If two items or more are returned in an academic year the district will require a secured payment (money order or cashier’s check).

A ten percent discount for multiple students applied to the highest tuition rates.  A ten percent discount is applied if annual tuition is paid in advance.  There are no refunds available if tuition is paid in full for the year. 

The district will waive excess when being paid by the Arizona Department of Economic Security, but cannot waive required co-pays. 


Methods of Payment

Payment may be made in the form of a check, money order, or cash.  Cash payments should be given to the site director or community education business office.  The payer will be issued a receipt for cash payments.  Cash payments not posted to accounts will not be credited if the payer does not have a written receipt.  If a payment discrepancy occurs the payer will need to provide a copy of their payment receipt.

How Payments are Calculated
Payments are calculated on a daily rate for enrolled programs, and leveled over a ten-month period, regardless of the number of days in a month. 

Available Discounts
Families with more than one child enrolled in a community education program will receive a ten percent discount.  Discounts will be applied to each child after the first child.  Discounts will always be applied to the highest tuition rate.  Families that pay the entire year of tuition in advance will be provided a 10% discount.  This option is not available for students who enroll in a program after March 1st.

Program Withdrawal
If a child(ren) needs to withdraw from a program, the parent/guardian must withdraw the child(ren) and they must inform the community education program.  This may be done by providing a written letter; contacting us via telephone; or completing a withdrawal form.  If a child is not withdrawn we will make the assumption that the child will still be attending and continue to bill for enrolled services.  Families may request a temporary stop of services for up to thirty (30) consecutive calendar days without having to reenroll their child.  You must notify us in writing.  Waivers will be granted for emergency reasons only, such as a family illness or other emergent matter.  If there is an active waiting list for the enrolled program(s) the waiver will not be granted, and tuition will need to be paid.