Bond & Capital Overrides


Since schools in Arizona receive the majority of their funding from the state on a formula based on a snapshot in time of enrollment, there can be funding gaps for things such as aging infrastructure, rising operational costs, and the need for new technology and programming.

Bonds are one funding mechanism allowed under Arizona state law to help public school districts pay for capital projects with voter approval. Public school districts can issue bonds to pay for capital investments for projects that are useful for longer than five years. Bonds are typically used to fund facility construction, maintenance, security, and building improvements.


In 2018, the Nadaburg Unified District asked the community to vote on $2,436,000 to start our High School Program (Mountainside High School) along with various items such as renovations, technology, and security. With the support of the community, the measure passed.

The 2022 proposed bond would support the restoration, repairing, and refurbishment of existing facilities, due to the lack of funding from the state. To meet the needs of our students and provide them with every opportunity to succeed, Nadaburg Unified School District is seeking approval of a 20 million dollar bond to enhance student learning, safety, success, and growth.



What is a Bond?  Bonds are loans made to the school district used to purchase capital items and make capital improvements to existing facilities, such as building or renovating a school or purchasing school buses and add to the minimum facilities funded by the state to meet the needs of today’s students.

Why is Nadaburg Unified School District calling upon local voters for a bond election?  The State’s School Facilities Board has not provided funding for building maintenance and repair to keep facilities up-to-standard for over 8 years. The state budget for capital projects has been drastically reduced – more than an estimated $18 million to the District in the past six years.  As a result, bond funding is the only mechanism to begin to restore, repair and refurbish existing facilities. School security is a high priority and all schools need single entry points with controls. Upgrades and sustainable renewal of technology for students and teachers is critical. Lastly, with the growth in enrollment in the district, the temporary renovated high school will become a middle school. The bulk of the bond funds will go to build the new comprehensive high school campus beyond the minimum requirements, to include athletic fields, an archery range and flexible STEM learning spaces.

What will the Bond do for Nadaburg District students?  The Governing Board of Nadaburg Unified School District #81 has called this special bond election to address four areas:

1. The District has identified the essential new construction project to accommodate growth in high school student enrollment for Mountainside High School with athletic fields and multi-use learning spaces beyond the state-funded  minimum requirements, as a priority.
2. The 2022 Bond program will provide improvements to the learning environment for students, staff and families at every school district site. The bond will address three primary areas to help the district create a user-friendly technology system that provides: 

Sustainability of the 1 to 1 computer initiative for students as we experience rapid growth
Improvements, replacements and upgrades in the district’s technology infrastructure, including security, network capability, wireless applications, and school and student computer access

3. The District is recommending that bond funds be used for safety upgrades, maintenance, replacements, and refurbishing of schools and district facilities such as: 
Secure single-entry points for all school sites
Replacement of aging or non-serviceable school air-conditioning/heating units
Upgrading of fire alarms and security systems
Improving elementary playgrounds
Transportation vehicles for students
Renovations and improvements of district facilities
Replacement of outdated furniture and equipment

What amount is the Nadaburg Unified School District asking for in the upcoming bond election?
The total bond is for $20 million. 
How much will the bond cost the average taxpayer?  There would be an average $0.86 tax increase per $100 valuation as a result of the successful passage of the bond. This equates to an average of $86 annually per $100k assessed value.
How do I know the money will be spent as indicated?  The Nadaburg District is committed to responsible stewardship of bond funds.  Arizona law requires the district to clearly identify how the bonds will be spent in the voter information pamphlet.  Additionally, school districts must hold public hearings annually to inform the public on the progress of how the bond proceeds are spent. Communication on the bond fund usage will be shared with stakeholders on a consistent basis on the NUSD website located at and though other channels.  
When will the Bond be on the ballot?  The Bond election will be on the Tuesday, November 8, 2022 regular election ballot.  Early voting for this measure will start Wednesday, October 12, 2022.  Last day for voter registration is Tuesday, October 11, 2022, at 11:59 pm.

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